We are always looking for potential players who would like to try the game. We also welcome players with previous experience who have moved into the area and want to keep up their contact with the sport at whatever level they wish.

Current membership fees are:

Adult 25-59 ---------- £80

Adult 60 & Over-----£75

Junior under 25------£35 (£5 if in full time education)

For potential members we have a stock of different sizes of bowls, and all the other basic equipment necessary, which can be borrowed. The only thing you will need is a pair of flat-soled shoes. 

Free instruction, from a qualified Coach, is available. There are no green fees.

The recent building developments allow wheelchair access to the pavilion and green.  We have a specially adapted wheelchair for use on our green.

Contact us on this website or come round to the green and meet us. We have open "roll-up" sessions every Tuesday afternoon commencing at 2 p.m. throughout the season (May-September).  During the winter months, we play short mat bowls in the pavilion on Tuesday afternoons. It will cost you nothing to come along, other than a couple of hours of your time. 

Our green is in the middle of town with parking behind the main Watlington Club (access from Shirburn Street) and in Pauls Way. There is access by footpath from the High Street and Letts Alley.