Club Members Role


A full member of the Committee who is responsible for all aspects of preparation and care of the green.

His report will be a regular item on the Committee meeting agenda. His reports at meetings are essential to the running of the Club. He will work closely with the Captain on all aspects of availability and condition of the green. His decision as to whether the surface is playable is final. He can close the green or individual rinks as necessary.

A booking sheet will be available in the Pavilion. It is up to members to use it to make sure a rink is reserved in their name. This list of reservations is the basis for the Greenkeeper to organise his work schedule. Members should give as much notice as possible. A casual roll-up or practice will have to wait if work is in progress. Club Matches and Competitions take priority over “roll-ups”.


A full member of the Committee with overall responsibility for the organisation of all Club fixtures.

He is responsible for putting Team Sheets on the notice board where members can offer their names for selection. He will select teams, sometimes with the help of a Selection Sub-Committee, and then display a team list of chosen players.

Before Match Day he should contact the opposing team to check there are no problems or changes. It is the Captain’s job to cancel, after consultation with the Greenkeeper, if the green is unplayable. For any other reason his decision is final.

For home matches he should check availability of refreshments and be ready to stop them as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation. On match day he will meet the opposing Captain, exchange and write out rink cards, get the game started promptly and collect rink fees from skips afterwards. He must see that these are handed to the treasurer, together with any raffle money.

The Captain should work closely with his Vice Captain and can delegate any task where he needs help.

Vice - Captain

A full member of the Committee who takes over all responsibilities of the Captain in his absence. He should work closely with the Captain so that he has an overall view of procedure and selection of teams should he need to take over at short notice.


The head of the Club, who having been elected Vice president the previous year, takes over from the previous holder of this office automatically at the AGM.

If there has to be a vote for a new Chairman at the AGM this is organised by the president who can then hand over the running of the rest of the meeting.

The President is nominally in charge of all Prestigious Matches and events, such as the Annual Dinner and others, where a speech or vote of thanks may be called for.


The Head of the Committee who must run meetings and act as a filter of information and ideas in as diplomatic and neutral way as possible.

The Chairman is automatically a member of the Main Committee of the Memorial Club, not a position to be taken lightly. He will give a regular report to their meetings and keep the Bowls Section informed of their actions and decisions.

The Chairman is expected to organise and deal with all items not dealt with by the Captain and must be in close contact with him, the other Officers, the Greenkeeper and Committee.

The Chairman has overall responsibility for organising Voluntary Work.


An officer of the club who will take charge of all the Section’s finances. He will deal with all cash and report to the Committee regularly and present a yearly account to the AGM.

He will keep in regular contact with the Main Club Treasurer and send regular updates of our financial position to him. This will include a full set of accounts to the end of March for the Memorial Club and a statement of income and expenditure for their AGM.

All spending must have the Treasurer’s approval.

All cheques will have his signature.


Responsible for the day to day running of the Club and sending letters on our behalf.

Receives and deals with all incoming mail. Any information or mail sent to other Club Members must be passed to him as soon as possible.

He will work closely with the Chairman and other Officers filtering and passing on all information received that might concern them.

The Secretary is responsible for calling meetings, making an agenda and taking and recording minutes.

He is responsible for all our records and information.

Match Secretary

Has contact with all the other clubs that we play.

Arranges with other clubs the dates, times and numbers of players so that he can plan out a fixture list and have it printed, in the form of a card, ready for the start of the outdoor season.

He will bring to the notice of the Committee any fixture that seems to be unpopular and advise them of any new fixtures that might be available. The Committee will be responsible for removing or adding fixtures.

Competition Secretary

Responsible for the organisation of a programme of different events for Club Members who want to play against each other in a competitive atmosphere.

He will put up Competition sheets at the start of the season, collect the names for each event and display the lists in the pavilion. He will be responsible for working out the dates and times for each round and enforcing any of the rules that apply. His decision is final.

Entry fees will be discussed annually in Committee and agreed at the AGM. They will be collected with the entries and passed on to the Treasurer.

When Club Competition days are involved other organisers may be co-opted.